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Our goals

The Wifi Foundation supports projects among the poorest in India: orphans, widows and lepers. Our starting point is that people in India themselves know best what they need and have sufficient knowledge and skills to realize these projects. When the projects are being supported by the population, a better future for the coming generations will be created. Therefore, we will closely cooperate with the local people and leaders of YWAM. By intensive contact and annual visits to ongoing projects, we make sure that your money is spent accordingly.

Focus Areas

One of the major problems in India is the birth of a girl. In many poor families, the life of a girl is worth nothing. Baby girls therefore get dumped or even killed. As a result, many children live on the street. These children either do not have parents or their parents can or will not take care of them.

There are very much widows living in India. Most widows have a Hindu background. Sometimes very young girls have to marry much older husbands. Sometimes men die because of AIDS or alcohol problems. For the widows that are left behind it is impossible to marry again.

Due to the great poverty in India many people live on the streets. 25% of the population lives below the poverty line. This includes lots of blind and sick people.

A common disease in India is Leprosy. A disease that can be completely cured at an early stage, yet because of proverty and lack of medication for many people this is not the case. These people live in isolation (leper colonies) and often have no one who takes care of them.